Days of Our Lives

Episode #12011 Tuesday, January 29, 2013

  • Aired: 1/29/2013
    • Length: 20:15:00
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Nicole hides her flash drive and covers in front of Daniel. He’s not quite buying it but she uses Brady’s return as an excuse to get out of there fast. She heads to Kristen’s place and cleverly manages to find some time alone in the hotel room so she can plant the stolen Titan documents onto Kristen’s computer. With part one of her plan done, she next makes sure Brady will have a reason to later look at the computer. But before Nicole can leave, she hears Kristen coming back, and Nicole hides in the bathroom, leaving the documents still up on the laptop. But it’s not Kristen who enters; it’s Brady! Brady, just coming off a diatribe from Victor about how Kristen can’t be trusted, enters the room looking for romance. As he begins to set the mood, Kristen returns and things start to get hot and heavy. Kristen moves to the bathroom to freshen up, and as Nicole is about to be discovered, the Titan documents still go unnoticed… Jennifer is rocked when she shows up at Daniel’s place and comes face-to-face with Chloe… wearing only a shirt. For Jennifer, who had arrived intending some romance with Daniel, it’s an unnerving moment in more ways than one. She collects herself as Chloe explains the “innocent” reasons she’s here alone, without clothes. Jennifer, rattled, gets out quickly. Chloe’s confident her stunt had the desired effect but decides to put some relish on top… and just happens to show up at the lunch Daniel and Jennifer planned at the Brady Pub. Daniel’s thrown to learn what Jennifer saw and wonders why she didn’t say anything. After Chloe goes, Daniel learns Jennifer went to his place with the intention of having some romantic time alone with him. Impulsive – and pretty much pushed into this by unknowing Chloe – Jennifer suggests they instead go out of town for the night… just the two of them. Daniel readily accepts. Meanwhile, a confident Chloe meets up with her ally, Anne, unaware her plans are backfiring. Billie seeks out Kate, who is upset that her gambit to get more time with Parker didn’t go as planned. Billie, who’s seen and heard enough to know Kate was trying to set up Chloe, tells her mom she’s quitting Mad World, not wanting to be a part of Kate’s schemes anymore.

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