Days of Our Lives

Episode #12012 Wednesday, January 30, 2013

  • Aired: 1/30/2013
    • Length: 20:14:26
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Kristen is about to discover a hidden Nicole but Brady suddenly finds sensitive Titan documents on Kristen’s computer, and despite himself, is openly suspicious about it. Kristen is offended and storms out. Brady follows and the two slowly come to realize they’ve been played. Brady seeks out Nicole and after giving her some rope, he lowers the boom and confronts her about what she’s done. Caught, Nicole can’t deny and Eric is shocked. Livid Brady lets her know this has only brought him and Kristen closer. Nicole struggles to defend herself to Eric… and realizes if Kristen or Brady decide to make legal trouble for her, she could be sunk. Kristen finds Marlena, and fired up off what Nicole tried to do to her, she doesn’t pull her punches with her number one nemesis. She calls Marlena on her hypocrisy in not coming clean with Brady about how she wore a wire to spy on Kristen. She’s sure Marlena will never confess, but when Marlena runs into Brady, she comes clean about what she did – and though Brady is shocked, he realizes Kristen lied to him after Marlena’s stunt. He confronts Kristen, wanting to know why. Gabi and Nick anticipate getting married later in the day but Rafe arrives, having given it a lot of thought, and asks that they postpone. Nick’s opposed but Gabi listens to Rafe’s reasons and doesn’t want to disappoint her brother. Nick, reluctant, goes along. They both cross briefly with Kate, who tells them how Will insisted she allow Nick to keep his job. Gabi is grateful but Nick privately shares his concern that Will’s family is going to eventually try to pry them apart over the baby. Gabi insists that’s impossible, but motivated now, Nick gets in front of a computer with the information he’s been keeping close to the vest, and tries to look up how Lucas went to prison to protect Will. And just as he hits paydirt, Will arrives. Earlier, Will’s feeling good about the baby and tells Kate it’s going to be a girl. When Billie later crosses with Will, she tells him she’s taking a job in Europe. He lets her know that Kate’s upset about a fight she had with Billie and hopes his aunt will see her before she goes. Billie seeks Kate out and lets her know she’s leaving town – not because she hates her mother but the truth is Kate never makes it easy with her schemes. Kate realizes her plotting against Chloe has cost her Billie... for now. Rafe tries to talk to Hope about what’s happening with Bo, knowing his extended absence is weighing on her – but she shuts down and avoids discussing it with him.

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