Days of Our Lives

Episode #12018 Thursday, February 7, 2013

  • Aired: 2/7/2013
    • Length: 20:22:13
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Sami urges Will to get a paternity test right away to establish his rights to Gabi’s child. Will doesn’t see the need because he trusts Nick and Gabi. Sami enlists EJ, who convinces Will to approach them about doing the test. Meanwhile, Nick listens in as Rafe warns Gabi about Sami and how if push came to shove, Nick’s past in prison might be used against them if Will ever decided to go for full custody. Gabi trusts Will and doesn’t see that happening. But Nick is further motivated to protect Gabi and their future with this child. Nick heads straight to a shop where he buys a surveillance device. When Will later suggests the paternity test, Nick willingly, even cheerfully goes along. But using an untraceable phone, he then texts Lucas with an ominous message: “I know your son shot EJ DiMera.” Jennifer tells Daniel she wants to take Brady up on his idea to go out as a foursome with Kristen. They’ll drive to Chicago for a night on the town… and then spend the night there. Daniel’s more than up for it. While he goes to let Chloe know his plans (and Maggie, too, who is watching Parker tonight), Jennifer seeks out her old nemesis: Nicole. Jennifer wants to know if her suspicions about Chloe are true and if so, what to do about it. Nicole’s more than a little thrown by the request, and at first, isn’t very inclined to help her. But Jennifer finally asks Nicole if she still cares for Daniel… and if winding up with Chloe is really what’s best for him. Nicole pulls herself out of her animosity for Jennifer and offers her some strong advice: don’t trust Chloe and don’t give her any ammunition to use against you. Against all this, Daniel tells Chloe of his plans and she privately rages, knowing she must stop him and Jennifer from getting together tonight. She goes to Jennifer to try to get the name of the place where they’ll be having drinks. With Nicole’s advice ringing in her head, Jennifer deliberately lies to Chloe to throw her off track. Nicole, still rattled by Kristen’s insight about her budding feelings for Eric, quickly tries to put some distance between her and Eric. He’s thrown and, misunderstanding, is a little hurt. Later, she sees him ministering to a sick patient at the hospital and labors to convince herself she can’t have feelings for this man. But it’s clearly a struggle.

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