Days of Our Lives

Episode #12019 Friday, February 8, 2013

  • Aired: 2/8/2013
    • Length: 20:06:39
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Chloe comes to Jennifer, fishing about where she’s headed with Daniel tonight. Wary of Chloe’s motives, Jennifer out and out lies about where they’re headed. Though she’s nearly caught in this lie by Daniel, she gets away with it and off they head for a fun night in Chicago with Brady and Kristen. True to form, Chloe sets out to come between Jennifer and Daniel, and when she discovers Jennifer lied to her, she’s furious. But when she returns home, she finds Parker’s developed a high and potentially dangerous fever. All efforts to find Daniel come up empty, not least of which because of Jennifer’s lie. Finally, she gets Daniel on the phone and tells him there’s an emergency – he has to come immediately! At the club in Chicago, Jennifer gets a moment alone with Kristen and confesses what she’s done. More power to you, Kristen says, fully approving of her old friend’s strategy. When a drunk guy hits on them both, Kristen gets an idea for her own agenda with Brady. Later, the drunk guy presses things with Jennifer a little too aggressively, and Daniel has to defend her honor – but in the scuffle his phone gets broken. Jennifer and Daniel decide to leave for the evening… and that’s when he gets the emergency call from Chloe. Kristen’s been frustrated in her not-so-subtle efforts to get Brady to the altar (so she can dump him and get her final revenge), and she sees this night out with Daniel and Jennifer as an important opportunity to push things along. When she encounters the amorous drunk, she’s given an idea and immediately starts to act more drunk than she actually is, tossing out her drinks to make it look like she’s imbibed too much. She later falls into Brady’s lap, hoping to work her agenda. Nick is up to no good as he sends an anonymous text to Lucas saying he knows Lucas covered up for Will in EJ’s shooting. As Nick had hoped, Lucas immediately calls Will and says they must talk. Nick has planted a surveillance device on Will, and as Will and Lucas try to figure out who might know the truth, Nick cleverly gets it all on tape. Against this, Sonny is working when Gabi comes by, looking for Nick. Tensions flare between Sonny and Gabi but eventually Nick arrives to interrupt and they go. Meanwhile, anxious Will tracks down T, thinking T might have sent the text. However, Will soon realizes T didn’t send it…

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