Days of Our Lives

Episode #12020 Monday, February 11, 2013

  • Aired: 2/11/2013
    • Length: 20:21:40
    • Plays: ???
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Kristen fakes being drunk so she can get away with saying things to Brady she couldn’t say sober. She reveals a more vulnerable side to herself and pulls out all the stops to try to convince him to marry her. However, Brady doesn’t take the bait and when he takes her home, Kristen “sobers up” and saves face by blaming it on the booze. Brady is affected by her vulnerability but hints at another reason (aside from John and Marlena) for not wanting to marry her. Alone, Kristen calls Stefano, saying her plan to marry Brady and dump him at the altar isn’t going as smoothly as expected. But as she climbs back into bed with sleeping Brady, she vows she will have what she wants. Chloe tells Daniel that Parker is seriously ill, and he and Jennifer race back to Salem. At the hospital, Chloe freaks out when Parker has a seizure, but it turns out to be a febrile convulsion, easily treated and ultimately not serious. In their relief, Daniel and Chloe embrace and bond very closely as parents. Daniel feels truly terrible that Chloe couldn’t reach him. Chloe says she tried the club Jennifer said they would be at… but they weren’t there. Meanwhile, Jennifer encounters Anne and realizes she and Chloe might be in cahoots. Jennifer then heads back to rejoin Chloe and Daniel just as Chloe tells Daniel Jennifer lied about where they were going… Nicole is upset by a sexual fantasy of Eric, so she decides to get thoughts of him out of her system by heading out on the town for some F-U-N. Eric is disappointed in her when he catches her dressed up in a sexy outfit, and she rips him for being a prude. Eric doesn’t understand why she’s changed – something must have happened. Why is she creating such an ugly confrontation? Emotional Nicole says she doesn’t want to hurt him. Eric misunderstands, thinking she’s talking about the legal trouble she almost got into by stealing the Titan documents. Nicole finally insists she’s going out, and Eric says if she does, she can’t come back. He finally asks what it is she wants… and Nicole is on the verge of telling him. Sami confides to Marlena she’s fallen in love with EJ again. Marlena cautions her, especially because of EJ’s relationship with Stefano. Meanwhile, EJ confides in his father about Sami, assuring him it’s really going to work this time. Back at Sami’s apartment, EJ and Sami grow even closer. When EJ steps out of the room, Sami finds a small box in his coat pocket… and inside is a diamond ring. At the same time, Stefano calls Marlena to taunt her about John’s visit in Europe. They realize they do agree on one thing – neither is happy about EJ and Sami or Kristen and Brady.

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