Days of Our Lives

Episode #12021 Tuesday, February 12, 2013

  • Aired: 2/12/2013
    • Length: 20:19:26
    • Plays: ???
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Sami puts the ring box back where she found it and waits expectantly for EJ to propose. But as her expectations reach a fever pitch, he finally surprises her with… a sample bottle of nail polish for their next campaign. Sami is privately disappointed. He later takes her out for a walk and kisses Sami passionately, leaving her more confused than ever. Stefano calls Kate, who left word for him to get in touch. Stefano is somewhat disappointed when he learns the call is only about their taxes and gives Kate a hard time about the state of her life, leaving her in a bitter mood. Rafe has a few too many drinks, working up a head of steam about Sami and EJ. He goes to talk to Eric and finds him with a sexily dressed Nicole. Eric tells Rafe it’s not a good time and so Rafe heads off to drink some more… and ends up in an unexpected situation! Nicole can’t bring herself to tell Eric the truth – that she’s attracted to him. After Rafe’s interruption, she’s still defiant, insisting on going out on the town, despite the fact that she will never be allowed back to the rectory if she does. Eric finally backs off trying to change her, and sadly says goodbye. No matter what, he still thinks she’s a good person. Ultimately, Nicole can’t bring herself to go. She wishes she could see herself as Eric sees her. In bed, she has another sexy fantasy of Eric, and helplessly wonders what she is going to do. Chloe insists Daniel ask Jennifer if she lied about where they were tonight, and Jennifer admits it. Kayla interrupts to inform them Parker will have to spend the night at the hospital – just as a precaution. Both parents volunteer to stay. Jennifer’s suspicions of Chloe rise a notch when she has another run-in with Anne. Later, Jennifer tells Daniel she is relieved his son is okay but is not 100% sorry for lying to Chloe. Daniel’s upset – doesn’t she trust him to handle Chloe himself? Does she think he’s stupid? Jennifer thinks he’s too trusting and the argument escalates until Daniel rejoins Chloe and Parker. Upset Jennifer goes home and later calls Daniel to apologize, leaving a message with a nurse. However, Chloe intercepts the note and destroys it.

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