Days of Our Lives

Episode #12024 Friday, February 15, 2013

  • Aired: 2/15/2013
    • Length: 20:02:12
    • Plays: ???
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Sami learns that EJ’s “proposal” is not that they get married – but rather the concept for an ad campaign for a new product launch. But instead of covering her wild leap of logic, Sami makes a full confession – and the two grow closer. After they make love, EJ hints that a real ring may be in their not too distant future. Rafe meets with Kate for advice on how to derail Sami’s over-involvement in the custody of Gabi’s baby. Kate warns Sami won’t listen to reason. She then calls Rafe on his suspicion of Nick and suggests they speak with him to ensure Will and Gabi get the amicable joint custody arrangement each really wants. Later, Rafe and Kate confront Nick – who worries they are on to his true machinations. Will shows up at the coffee house to reconcile with Sonny – but a mortified Sonny reveals he ordered the mp3 player before they broke up – and forgot to cancel it. But they reconnect over some of the music and just when it looks as if they might kiss, Brian shows up and interrupts the moment. Sonny chooses to keep their date, which devastates Will. Earlier, Nick hints to Gabi that he has something on the Hortons and Bradys that he can use to make sure he and Gabi retain custody of the baby. Gabi presses for details, but in the end defers to Nick – who assures he only wants to protect the baby from Sami and tells her the less she knows, the better. Later, Will shows up to Gabi to cry on her shoulder regarding his misunderstanding with Sonny. But when Will reminds Gabi about the paternity test, she privately wonders if Will is really the friend she thinks he is. Cameron and Abigail share a sweet lunch at her house. He peruses her yearbook and asks about a mysterious club of which she was a member. Abigail drops a plate of dessert in embarrassment but manages to evade and cover without answering. But later at work, Cameron finds out from a nurse that it was a club for people who pledged chastity until marriage – i.e. virgins.

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