Days of Our Lives

Episode #12025 Monday, February 18, 2013

  • Aired: 2/18/2013
    • Length: 20:16:40
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Nick hides his panic when Rafe tells him he knows exactly what happened to him in prison. He saw Nick’s prison record and knows he was beaten up, even stabbed. But as Nick recalls a terrifying memory of being menaced in prison, it’s clear there’s more Rafe hasn’t learned. Rafe and Kate want Nick to delay the wedding until at least the baby is born. Nick says he respects them both but what they’re asking isn’t fair – and quickly ends the meeting. Later, he vows to himself that Rafe won’t find out what really happened in prison. Meanwhile, the man who terrorized him in jail marks his calendar… counting down the days until he’s free. Nicole fights the feelings she’s having for Eric, who remains confused by her tense behavior. She runs into Jennifer and subtly seeks advice without giving away her secret. When Nicole returns to work, she finds Lucas there and they fight. Eric arrives to break it up and later privately asks Nicole if, deep down, she still has feelings for Lucas. Nicole has to laugh. She has no feelings for Lucas. There’s only one person she has feelings for… Daniel confesses to Brady that he and Jennifer are having issues. Brady encourages his friend to work it out with her. At the same time, Jennifer meets up with Maggie, who advises her to find Daniel and reiterate her apology in person. Meanwhile, Chloe takes action and purposely gets herself tossed out of the Kiriakis mansion by trying Victor’s patience. She shows up at Daniel’s door needing a place to live. She’s thrilled when he lets her in, but doesn’t realize he plans to move out and get a hotel room for the duration. He goes looking for Jennifer at the same time Jennifer goes hunting for him; he winds up at her home for an angry confrontation with Lucas… while at the same time Jennifer winds up at his door… and it’s answered by Chloe, who cheerfully informs her she’s moved in. Kristen connects with Stefano, who is planning his return to Salem. He’s surprised to learn she’s recalibrating her plan and questions her reasons for not continuing to use Brady. She gives her reasons but they ring hollow to him and he advises her to stick with her original plan. Brady arrives, having rethought things… and says he thinks they should move in together.

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