Days of Our Lives

Episode #12027 Wednesday, February 20, 2013

  • Aired: 2/20/2013
    • Length: 20:46:08
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Nicole informs Rafe she’s decided to move away from Salem. Rafe is sad to see his friend go and wonders what prompted this decision. Nicole keeps quiet about her feelings for Eric and turns the conversation to the news about Sami and EJ getting together. Rafe insists he doesn’t care about Sami and is moving on. Meanwhile, at the church, Eric is held at gunpoint by a junkie, who demands the money from the church safe. Eric, calm and compassionate, tries to talk the man out of it, to no avail. The thief is about take off with the money when Nicole arrives. When Nicole refuses to give up her mother’s necklace, the man attacks her. Eric quickly jumps in, saving her. But the thief uses a moment of distraction to knock him out and flee. Nicole panics when Eric, bleeding profusely from the head, remains unresponsive, and emotional, she begs him not to die, blurting that she loves him! Sami gets upset when Will informs her that Gabi has not yet gotten a paternity test done. Sami believes Gabi is stalling to somehow screw Will over once again. Julie arrives, having heard about Sami and Will’s request from Gabi. She strongly insists Sami needs to back off – her anger is only making things worse for Gabi, Nick and Will. Will agrees with Julie, and Sami finally appears to back down. But as soon as Julie leaves, Sami storms off to confront Gabi. Despite Will’s protests, Sami lays into the young woman. Rafe shows up and chews out Sami for once again attacking his sister. Things get heated and Gabi suddenly cries out in pain – it’s the baby! Chloe tries to play more mind games with Jennifer. Jennifer informs Chloe that she is never going to win Daniel back. Things turn ugly as Chloe verbally attacks Jennifer, claiming Daniel is sure to choose Chloe in the end – not just because of their sexual attraction but because of their deep bond over Parker. She leaves Jennifer fuming but later, Chloe wonders with Anne if she pushed too far. Meanwhile, Maggie informs Daniel of Jennifer’s note of apology, which he never received. He later meets up with Jennifer and they quickly make up. However, Jennifer has a stunning request – she wants Daniel to cut off all direct contact with Chloe! Abigail realizes Cameron has most likely figured out she’s a virgin. Mortified, she tracks him down at the hospital and prepares to initiate a very uncomfortable conversation. Earlier, Cameron bonds with Abe and Theo.

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