Days of Our Lives

Episode #12028 Thursday, February 21, 2013

  • Aired: 2/21/2013
    • Length: 18:22:06
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Rafe, Sami and Will are fearful when Gabi clutches her stomach in pain. However, the episode soon passes, and Gabi insists she and the baby are fine. Nick arrives, and when he learns Sami upset his fiancée, he joins Rafe in asking her to leave. Suddenly, Gabi is hit with more pain and is rushed to the hospital. While they await word, Will lashes out at Sami while Nick vows to protect Gabi. Cameron and Kayla finally inform everyone Gabi and the baby will likely be okay. Sami apologizes to Rafe and Will for her actions and promises to chill out regarding the paternity test. She agrees to go home… but first sneaks into Gabi’s room, wanting to apologize in person. Sami assures a startled Gabi she doesn’t want to upset her – but their conversation is cut short when Gabi once again experiences terrible pain. Sami rushes out for help, and Rafe, Will and Nick angrily ask her what happened. They’re all horrified when they learn Gabi is in labor, knowing it’s too soon for the baby to arrive. Daniel continues to reel as Jennifer lays out her request for him to cut all direct ties to Chloe. He will, of course, continue to share custody of Parker but arrangements must be made through a third party. Daniel tries to convince Jennifer she’s overreacting but she insists this is the only way their relationship will survive. Otherwise, Chloe will continue to use Parker as a way to interfere in their lives and ultimately destroy their relationship. Frustrated Daniel tells Jennifer he’ll give her an answer tomorrow and they part on rocky terms. Meanwhile, Chloe has words with Maggie and later Abigail. Later, Chloe tries to use Parker as an excuse for Daniel to drop by but he refuses. Chloe wonders what Jennifer has said to him and realizes she must come up with a plan to get her rival out of the picture for good. Earlier, with some prompting from Cameron, Abigail finally admits she is a virgin. Before Cameron can fully respond, the uncomfortable moment is interrupted by a medical emergency, and Abigail is left mortified and frustrated. Nicole is relieved when Eric finally regains consciousness – but then worries he may have heard her say that she loves him. She’s relieved to learn he did not hear her. Roman arrives to question them about the robbery, and Nicole privately makes the decision to stay in town to help put the thief behind bars (once he’s caught). She and Eric bond a bit more, and he notes Nicole is like his guardian angel.

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