Days of Our Lives

Episode #12029 Friday, February 22, 2013

  • Aired: 2/22/2013
    • Length: 18:54:21
    • Plays: ???
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Tensions run high as Sami, Rafe, Nick and Will await word about Gabi, who has gone into premature labor. Everyone blames Sami for sneaking into Gabi’s room and upsetting her but Sami maintains she was only trying to apologize. EJ arrives and ushers Sami away from the group. He comforts her, knowing she would never do anything to intentionally harm Will’s baby. Sami calls Lucas with the news, and he rushes over with Kate. Sonny arrives soon after, having overheard. Will is grateful for Sonny’s presence, and they grow close. Meanwhile, Cameron and Kayla inject Gabi with a drug to stop the contractions but it doesn’t seem to be working. Finally, as night turns to early morning – and after much waiting – Cameron exits Gabi’s room and informs everyone they were able to stop the labor. Gabi is resting comfortably. The group rejoices. Cameron reveals the cause of the premature labor was dehydration – and stress. Everyone glares at guilt-ridden Sami. Later, EJ observes an interesting interaction involving Rafe, and he confronts him. Elsewhere, an angry Nick faces off with Sami, saying she blew it – it’s over! Sonny and Will retreat to the coffee house, where Sonny stumbles upon Will’s undelivered Valentine’s Day card. Seeing that it’s addressed to him, Sonny reads it and is stunned to learn how Will really feels… just as Will walks back into the room. They lock eyes. Kristen drops a major bomb on Brady – she wants them to move into the DiMera mansion! She explains that her father is coming home and she promised to move back in with him. Stunned Brady balks at his – he would never live with Stefano, especially since it would alienate him from his entire family. Kristen, whose intention is, in fact, to do just that, insists there is no other option. Brady storms out, the state of their relationship up in the air. Furious Kristen wonders if she should just end the charade now and break Brady’s heart. She makes a decision and goes to his place, declaring she has something she must tell him.

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