Days of Our Lives

Episode #12042 Wednesday, March 13, 2013

  • Aired: 3/13/2013
    • Length: 20:52:49
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

As Chloe watches unnoticed, Jennifer slaps Daniel and tells him she never wants to hear from him again. Daniel tries to question her but she rushes off. Hope arrives and offers to speak to Jennifer and find out what went wrong. Daniel thanks her and heads home. Hope shows up at her cousin’s door but Jennifer is too upset and doesn’t want to talk about it. Hope leaves and Chloe arrives, much to Jennifer’s dismay. Covering her tracks, Chloe reveals she and Daniel did not sleep together. She claims Jennifer misunderstood what she saw – it was all an innocent mistake. After Chloe leaves, Jennifer remains suspicious of her motives but begins to wonder if she made a horrible mistake with Daniel. She works up the nerve to call him, but he has finally passed out from the alcohol (and sleeping pills). Earlier, Chloe and Nancy are horrified when they realize Chloe left Nancy’s sleeping pills in Daniel’s hotel room – if Daniel finds them, it could be a total disaster. Nancy heads over with a cover story, and Daniel takes the opportunity to chastise her for not telling him of her past with Jennifer’s brother. When Daniel steps outside to take a call, Nancy manages to retrieve the pill bottle. Later, Chloe tells her mother and Anne that she hopes tonight caused irreparable damage to Jennifer and Daniel’s relationship. Kristen is about to confide in Stefano her wicked endgame concerning her revenge against John and Marlena but at the last moment, she realizes Brady is eavesdropping. She quickly adjusts what she’s saying, instead declaring how much she loves Brady. Later, Kristen is affected by Brady’s love… but still resolves to break his heart. She later confesses to Stefano her plan, which will ensure John and Marlena will never reunite. Stefano is delighted by her mysterious, diabolical plot. John continues to rebuff Marlena’s attempts to reconcile. Later, John surprises Brady by claiming he’s willing to try accepting Kristen in his son’s life – though it’s clear John has a secret plan. Will is determined to stop Gabi from marrying Nick, both for Gabi’s sake and the sake of their child. Will intends to tell her about Nick’s blackmail but Sonny points out it will not only get Will sent to prison, but his loved ones will get in trouble, too. Undeterred, Will heads over to spill the beans to Gabi and learns she’s marrying Nick tomorrow. Ultimately, he decides to keep quiet. Will later realizes he’s going to have to come up with a convincing lie to explain why he gave up custody of his daughter. Earlier, Gabi is thrilled when Rafe finally agrees to attend her wedding. Also, Hope informs Gabi she’d love for her and Nick to get married at the Horton house.

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