Days of Our Lives

Episode #12043 Thursday, March 14, 2013

  • Aired: 3/14/2013
    • Length: 20:40:01
    • Plays: ???
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Kristen is displeased when Brady informs her he’s having breakfast with John in hopes of brokering a reconciliation. Kristen manages to manipulate Brady into allowing her to join them a little bit later. Brady goes, and Kristen complains to Stefano she’s not going to let John get away with this. Meanwhile, Brady meets with John, who secretly has no intention of accepting Kristen. But he insists he’s willing to try. Brady questions his sincerity, pointing out how John previously claimed Kristen said she was only using Brady to get back at him. If that’s true, then why would John ever agree to accept her? Was he lying then, when he made the accusation… or is he lying now? John attempts to explain himself when Kristen arrives. Brady is forced to take a work call, and once alone, Kristen lightly asks what John is up to. When he doesn’t answer, she puts her hand on his and flirtatiously reminds him the only way to Brady… is through her. Sami blows a gasket when EJ tells her Stefano is back in Salem, wondering why he didn’t say anything sooner. If she had known, she would’ve asked him for help with Nick! EJ is stunned Sami would consider asking his father for help but she explains she would do anything for Will. She wants to go to Stefano right away! But EJ cautions there is always a high price to pay when asking Stefano DiMera for a favor. He advises they use his father as a last resort. However, EJ thinks there’s something they can do to ensure Stefano’s help if they do need it – Sami, EJ and the kids can move into the mansion with him! It’s the day of Nick and Gabi’s wedding, and the couple shares a romantic morning in bed. Nick learns from Gabi that Will stopped by last night and wanted to tell her something important, then backed off. Nick calls Will and demands to meet with him. Will admits to Nick he was going to inform Gabi she’s marrying a blackmailer and a homophobic jerk. Nick warns Will never to try turning Gabi against him again. Later, astonished Will tells Sonny that Nick seems to think he’s doing the right thing. Earlier, Will confides to Sonny he’s planning to tell people he’s giving up his rights to his baby because he wants her to have a stable environment. Kate is stunned when Rafe informs her Stefano is back. Fearing Stefano will punish Rafe for sleeping with her, she wonders if they should end things before anyone finds out. But Rafe assures he’s not afraid. Later, Kate goes with Rafe to see Gabi before the wedding and gives her a gift. Later, Gabi questions Rafe about his closeness with Kate but he evades. Chad visits Stefano and admits he’s considering moving back into the mansion. Stefano is delighted.

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