Days of Our Lives

Episode #12045 Monday, March 18, 2013

  • Aired: 3/18/2013
    • Length: 20:07:12
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Marlena presses John about why he’s accepting Kristen and Brady. John says she’s lost the right to question him about this or anything. They are interrupted by Roman. John goes, and Roman tries to comfort Marlena but she can’t accept his friendship given how bad her relationship with John is right now. Marlena tracks down John and presses him to tell her the truth. Finally, John admits of course he’s not accepting Kristen, but Brady can’t know that. They look up, see that Brady has entered… has he overheard? Earlier, Brady tells Kristen he thinks the reason John is backtracking is that some part of him still has feelings for her. Kristen is privately thrilled. Later, Brady bumps into Maggie, who urges him to give his father the benefit of the doubt. Jennifer admits to Kristen she thought Daniel and Chloe slept together, but doesn’t know what to think now that Chloe is now denying it. Kristen doesn’t trust Chloe and urges Jennifer to fight for Daniel. Maggie presses Daniel about what happened with Jennifer, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. He later visits Parker, telling Chloe he’s going on a business trip to San Francisco. He privately asks that she get rid of Nancy, who made things worse with him and Jennifer. Chloe informs Daniel she apologized to Jennifer but backtracks when she realizes Jenn has not confronted him about supposedly sleeping with her. She covers, letting Daniel think she told Jennifer she kissed him. Later, Daniel goes to the park to play with Parker. Jennifer approaches him, saying they have to talk about Chloe…and the two of them. Cameron gets a mysterious phone call. He later encounters Abigail at the hospital, and she asks if he can hang out later but he has to postpone. He allows Abigail to think his double shifts at work are keeping him busy. Later, she witnesses him meeting with a mysterious guy and giving him an envelope full of cash.

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