Days of Our Lives

Episode #12051 Tuesday, March 26, 2013

  • Aired: 3/26/2013
    • Length: 20:33:21
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

A misunderstanding between Kate and Rafe over Will pulls the two apart, but when each realizes they were wrong, they come together and things get amorous. Sonny arrives and is shocked to see the two together. He runs out, and Kate and Rafe try to stop him, but their hot pursuit leads them right into Sami. Rafe and Kate question Sami about Will giving up his rights. Rafe points out Gabi will allow Will to see the baby but Sami notes as long as Nick is in the picture, Sami can’t trust Gabi as far as she can throw her. She then reveals she’s moved into the DiMera mansion with EJ. Kate and Rafe are stunned. Earlier, Will tells him mom he wants Nick out of the way. Sami says in order to make that happen, Will must repair his relationship with Stefano. Meanwhile, Sonny vaguely confides in Justin about Will’s situation, but doesn’t tell him the whole story. Justin then offers legal help to Will if necessary. Will thanks Justin but notes his problem may go away. Later, Sonny runs into Will and it looks like he’s going to tell him about Kate and Rafe. Brady lowers the boom on Marlena that he’s getting married. John arrives and they all argue. Brady heads home and John calls, trying to work things out. However, Brady won’t have it. Kristen decides to make things worse by texting John and Marlena using Brady’s phone. She then takes Brady out to lunch, where they are met by a confused John and Marlena. Kristen innocently claims she was just trying to help, but she gets exactly what she wants when John and Marlena angrily rip into her in front of Brady, who defends his fiancée. Cameron and Abigail get hot and heavy, but when she pulls back from making love, Cameron is upset. She tries to explain it’s not about her being a virgin – it’s more about her seeing him take money – but he has to leave before she can reveal what’s truly bothering her. Later, he calls, trying to apologize, but it ends badly.

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