Days of Our Lives

Episode #12053 Thursday, March 28, 2013

  • Aired: 3/28/2013
    • Length: 20:35:34
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Brady tells Victor about the upcoming wedding. Victor has a strong reaction but pulls back, not wanting discord between him and Brady. At the same time, Kristen is visited by Sy, the thug she hired to beat up Brady. He has fallen on hard times and is looking for extra payment. Kristen takes this all as a blackmail threat and is imperious with the man, kicking him out and warning him not to try a stunt like this again. When Brady returns, she stuffs her anger, and they make love. Meanwhile, Marlena seeks out Eric and asks for guidance – feeling she has been the maker of her own disaster. Eric reminds her of the power of prayer and though she’s dubious, she tries it, such is her desperate state. Later, she’s contacted by the thug Kristen so rudely brushed off… and it appears her prayers might be answered after all. Chloe comes to see Jennifer and admits she went to the island and saw her and Daniel making love. She knows she’s lost. Jennifer is gracious and encourages Chloe to move on. Chloe’s expression grows dark as she says there’s a problem with that. She’s come to believe Jennifer is wrong for Parker and can’t stand by and willingly allow her access to her son. Jennifer doesn’t see how Chloe has a choice in the matter. Chloe insists she does. If Jennifer doesn’t back away from Daniel, then she’ll have no choice but to deny him his own son. Meanwhile, Daniel’s looking for Chloe to set her straight, but can’t seem to track her down. He crosses briefly with Nicole, who gives him a vague warning about Chloe. Later, Daniel calls Nancy to see if she knows where Chloe is – and he can tell from her voice that something is wrong. Earlier, Nicole’s trying to get some work done when Eric sets up Vargas in the office to help with his job search. Initially Nicole finds the whole thing a little claustrophobic, but when Vargas hits a wall in his search because of his prison record, she sympathizes a little and they start to hit it off. Later, she gets Eric to hire him here at the church as a handyman.

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