Days of Our Lives

Episode #12054 Friday, March 29, 2013

  • Aired: 3/29/2013
    • Length: 20:57:49
    • Plays: ???
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Jennifer is stunned as Chloe lays out the terms of her ultimatum – if Jennifer does not agree to give up Daniel, Chloe will make sure he never sees Parker again. She reveals Nancy has taken Parker to Brazil – and because of a snafu with Parker’s birth certificate, Daniel has no legal claim to his son. In the eyes of the court, Chloe is holding all the cards. Jennifer points out even if she breaks up with Daniel, it doesn’t guarantee he will reunite with Chloe – in fact, she’s sure that won’t happen because Daniel doesn’t love her! Chloe covers, insisting she’s doing this for Parker’s sake, to keep Jennifer away from him. Realizing she has no choice, Jennifer argues she’s not sure Daniel will believe her if she tries to walk away – he knows how much she loves him. Chloe coolly insists Jennifer will find a way to convince him if she cares at all about Daniel raising his son. Later, upbeat Daniel arrives at Jennifer’s house, and Jennifer hides her pain, knowing what she must do. Earlier, Daniel calls Nancy and almost realizes she’s not really in New York. Later, Chloe calls her mother and assures everything is going according to plan… Rafe and Kate once again make love – Kate’s attempt at ending things having failed. They commit to keeping their relationship a secret to prevent things from getting messy. But later, while Rafe is waiting for Kate in the town square, Daniel catches him with her bracelet. As Daniel sees Kate enter, he then recognizes the bracelet as Kate’s… and figures out they are involved. Rafe rushes after Daniel, explaining no one can know. Daniel assures his friend he will keep quiet. Rafe reports back to Kate that Daniel will keep their secret. She’s relieved… until Stefano suddenly shows up and the two are caught together. Has Stefano figured it out? Nick moves Gabi into the Kiriakis mansion. Gabi thanks Hope for getting Nick to agree to talk to a therapist about his time in prison. Meanwhile, Nick continues to be haunted by what happened but puts up a good front for Gabi and Hope. Later, Maggie arrives, and Nick and Gabi celebrate their new life together as husband and wife. Meanwhile, Vargas is truly affected by Father Eric’s kindness and generosity. He’s later visited by Hope, who warns him Eric has a lot riding on Vargas’ rehabilitation. Vargas swears he’ll do his best. But later, he goes to the pub looking for Nick and is interested to learn he’s living at the Kiriakis mansion. Later, Nick is horrified when he runs into Vargas – who looks very menacing with a wrench in hand.

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