Days of Our Lives

Episode #12181 Tuesday, October 1, 2013

  • Aired: 10/1/2013
    • Length: 20:30:34
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

A horrified Kristen realizes who must have her flash drive: Marlena. At the same time, Marlena and Victor try to figure out how to destroy Kristen, neither knowing the flash drive Marlena carries actually contains the incriminating video. Kristen goes to Marlena’s office to snoop and runs into her. Kristen realizes the drive is in Marlena’s purse but is unable to secure it. She later plots against her rival, knowing she may be driven to drastic measures. Eric’s surprised when Nicole tells him she wants to leave her job. Instead of confessing her feelings, she cites their differences over the way he’s helping Kristen and Brady. Between the lines of her explanation, she voices how she knows her feelings for Eric can never be returned. Later, when Eric attempts to ask Nicole once more for her take on what happened at the capital, she evades and he’s more confused than ever by her behavior. EJ makes sure Rafe knows exactly what Bernardi’s mission was when he came in wielding that razor. EJ then gets an alarming text from home and exits. Marge comes in to see Rafe, certain he must have taken the DiMeras’ side in smearing her dead husband. When she physically goes after Rafe, Jordan arrives to pull her away. She threatens to call security but Rafe is understanding of what Marge must be going through, and tells Jordan it’s okay. Jordan’s struck by his compassion. Sami comes home to find Stefano having his portrait returned to its rightful place on the wall. She angrily tells Stefano he has no right to be here… until she realizes EJ must have cut a deal with him. EJ rushes in and confirms he gave up everything to secure her freedom. Though extremely grateful, Sami insists they move out – and is thrown when chagrined EJ tells her they cannot. Earlier, Justin and Adrienne are accosted by an angry Marge, who is convinced they conspired with the DiMeras to drag her husband’s reputation through the mud. Justin defends Adrienne to Marge. Later, he tells Adrienne he wants to fight for their marriage. Adrienne feels the same – and Justin moves back home.

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