Deadscapes 2 (2007)

Deadscapes II

  • Posted: 12/10/2013
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Deadscapes 2 -- A killer walks the streets of a suburban neighborhood. On a cold Fall evening near Halloween, he randomly chooses his next victims. A knock on the door precedes another grizzly murder in a spree which has blanketed the area with fear in recent weeks. But tonight, things take a more sinister and strange turn for the worse as the moon rises. The recently dead have been returning to life and attacking the living. With no explaination for these morbid situations, the news media scramble to make coherent reports to accurately inform the public. As civil unrest peaks, it's business as usual for Carl, the murderous stranger who makes house calls. Meanwhile, Lisa leaves work for home where her younger sister is housesitting for her. Unbeknownst to her, chaos is unfolding everywhere including her destination. Her journey is permeated by reports of the nights events. By the time she arrives home, the panic has reached an all time high as she encounters Carl. Now both have had a brush with death that defies logic and reason. The blood spilled to this point is merely a trickle compared to the horror that awaits them. As the walking dead begin infesting the streets, Lisa is faced with death at every turn. Carl is no exception to this as this tale escalates and the shocking conclusion unfolds. DEADSCAPES II is the second installment in the short film series by Kristofer Velasquez. In yet another no-budget indie production, the zombies are taking over as the living must deal with horrors not only outside but between each other. This episode shot for fun over a few days in an attempt to pour as much production value into a project lacking any money and crew.

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