Dear Seven

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  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 07:10
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One man, around 7 hours of work, and this is what you can accomplish. Go for dreams, no matter how big or small. Some may see this as a waste of time, but I see it as a work of art. Yes, this a parody of a parody done on SNL. I think I build upon the original while filling my story in around it. So I think it's not only funny without knowing what and who these characters are about, I think it makes it so much deeper and more mind blowing when you know why they are who they are... The Full Circle Story so far: Shayne created some very interesting and unique characters over the course of his youtube career. All of them he released into the real world of Youtube by dressing up and making fun of certain characteristics they embodied. Almost a year ago Shayne was having some serious bathroom issues when he was thrust into a mini-coma. When he awoke he was kidnapped by Slash (The Bumbling Slasher Villain) and was informed that all of his characters were in fact alive and breathing in the real world. Over the course of four episodes Shayne almost died, but in the end he got his revenge on Slash when he thrusts two pumpkins into his eyes sockets. Shayne left shortly after to exact revenge on all the characters that wanted him to pay for making them look stupid in his videos. The Letter he was writing says: Dear Seven, I was sitting reading this amazing article on you in the newest edition of FIGHT! MMA magazine on how you won the EliteXC Middleweight title, when I think I had a vision, it was the wildest thing. It was blurry but, Vanilla Killa came up and he shot me. Then, I shot him; then the Preacher came around the corner and Killa shot at Preacher, but missed and hit Billy in a house somewhere. Then Billy shot the Preacher, and then you came up around a corner, picked up some piece of paper, read it, ran away, and... FLIP PAGE Then you got hit by a car. Strange huh? Well, hope your well. It looks like things are finally looking up for us Seven. See you at the reunion. Yours, Saka From idea to finished product it took me 5 days. I'm immensely proud of what I have accomplished with this video. I took a parody and in my opinion, I made the original better.

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