Evicted.........what? April Fool's office prank

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 00:25
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for the www.lightrailconnect.com boys! Today is April 1, 2009. April Fool's. I decided last night at 9 o'clock that I would get the guys at work. I pulled up a legit eviction notice online and typed in all of our company's information into it and took it to the office and posted it on the door. I also put a chain around the door knob, actually entirely useless since it is a door knob and all you do is turn it. This morning when the first guy walks up he reads the notice and see's the door is "chained" (haha) and walks back out the office. I catch him in the parking lot and he says he was about to go home and call our designated broker to tell him that we were evicted. The prank is still in progress so I will keep you updated. So our designated broker comes up to the door and reads the notice, he then slowly examines the chain and takes it off the knob. He came into a dark office asking "hello hello". We were all quiet and then he saw us. He started asking over and over "Is that for real". Everyone is cracking up at this point and he is still asking "is that for real". Finally we explained it was a joke and he laughed. He also kept the eviction notice I typed up. HA HA I love the commercial real estate business. for the www.lightrailconnect.com boys!

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