Finding Justice (2010)

Finding Justice

  • Posted: 12/10/2013
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Finding Justice -- 'Finding Justice' is the incredible story of James Stevens vs. Vons, an African American man who worked at Vons for over 25 years, who was then fired for complaining of sexual harassment (by a white female). James Stevens won his case, (before all white jury), and was awarded 18.4 million dollars, in the same Simi Valley courtroom that exonerated the white policemen who beat Rodney King. The jury foreman of his trial was Michael Lief, Senior Deputy District Attorney (Ventura County) and author of 'The Devils Advocate' (made into major motion picture starring Al Pacino&; Keanu Reeves) and 'When the Walls Came Tumbling Down.' His trial attorneys were Nathan Goldberg and Gloria Allred. After a 8 years of fighting Von's and 6 grueling weeks of trial, the Judge reduced his judgment to 2.4 million, (which is approximately the attorneys' fees), of which Vons still had the arrogance to appeal the 2.4 million.... The $2.4 million had to be distributed among a total of 10 separate attorneys. In the midst of all of this, James awoke one morning to find that his wife had left him, taking their two young children (1year old daughter, 10 years old son) in the middle of the night... Fighting this case had taken a huge toll on their 26 year marriage. (Hollywood couldn't write this stuff!!!). The United States Supreme Court refuse to hear his case, meaning losing civil rights at trial level forever! Our main objective of this project is to bring the story of James Stevens to the American people, who we think, will be shocked to know that a jury verdict can be so easily overturned at the whim of a Judge and essentially eliminating the 7th and 14th amendment which is the right to have a trial by a jury of ones peers! James has now formed a foundation 'Justice Inc' to assist families navigate the judicial system while keep their families intact. His foundation is positioned to begin the eliminati

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