Freedom's Slavery Part 3 (Let Jesus Set Your Free From All Your Sins)

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 11:32
    • Plays: ???
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Perhaps you have heard it said that evil men prosper because good men do nothing. That saying is true. Because good men are doing very little genuine, Spirit-led work for God's Kingdom, evil men are prospering to a great degree around the world. True, large religious works abound, yet few are led by the Spirit of God. All the pomp, prosperity, and pretension have very little effect. Satan and his demons mock these man-made shows. They have nothing to fear because God is not in control. They enjoy attending the church of their choice. Despite this tragic situation, there are many things you can do that will make a real difference. Every soul won to Jesus weakens the kingdom of darkness and strengthens the Kingdom of God. If you love God then you will desire to work with Him. Why not join forces with us? We'll supply all the literature you can use. You can make a difference right where you are. Make up your mind, join the army that sheds no blood, and ATTACK!

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