• Posted: 5/16/2014
    • Length: 05:24
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FRIX IT UP (#FRIXITUP) is an ORIGINAL FUSION COMEDY HIP-HOP SONG about having fun and enjoying life. Not enough people FRIX IT UP!!! LAUGH, DANCE, and CAUSE FRIXION!! Now and Because: Twitter: Instagram: Frixos: FRIX IT UP was written by: Frixos & Now and Because. Copyright 2014. Lyrics: Lyrics: Who is the man who gets all the ladies. Smooth and Suave, the Greek Warren Beatty. Looking like a God, he is Statuesque. He's got Big Broad Shoulders and Big Strong Pecs. He's also Got the Brains to go with his looks. He spent ten years in college and he loves reading books. He loves playing sax and he loves to cook. He loves to clean and he loves a mean hook. He loves to live and he loves his life. Not everything is easy sometimes you have to fight. Sometimes you have to kill in order to SURVIVE!! Frix is like a cat with even more than 9 lives!! Frix it Up. You have to Frix It UP!!! OH BABYY!!! Many have tried, So many have failed. There is only one Frix who can Frix up the game. Don't hate the player and don't hate the game. Don't be a hater because hating is lame. Hating will only cause you pain. So just humble yourself and praise his holy name. He's on this planet to spread positive vibes. He's the modern day Jesus and he won't be crucified. FRIX IT UP!! You have to FRIX IT UP!! YEAH BABY!! Frix is not greedy, there is plenty to share. He'll give the shirt off his back and give up his chair on the bus without a fuss he is a stand up guy. If only more people tried to be like Frix, the world would be perfect and all the problems would be FIXED!!!! Hello and Welcome to Cause Frixion....It's time to Dance to my Tunes... All night all DAY..... FRIX IT UP!!!!

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