Funny and Dumb Questions on the Web

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 02:58
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Funny and Dumb Questions on the Web Share on Twitter: Connect with IdeasfromHYK Facebook Twitter Google+ Royalty Free music courtesy of Sneaky Snitch Genre: Soundtrack Time: 2:17 Instruments: Oboe, Strings, Snare Drum 87 BPM (Andante - Medium Speed) ISRC: USUAN1100772 © 2010 Kevin MacLeod An oboe and a snare drum dance a tantalizing number with the whimsical plucks of a string quartet. The staccato nature of the music suggests walking on tiptoes, while the nasal notes of the oboe flits about almost imperceptibly. In the final minute, the string quartet plays a simple rhythm, before the oboe and snare drum crescendo to the finale. Bouncy, Dark, Humorous, Mysterious Hidden Agenda Genre: Soundtrack Time: 2:15 Instruments: Cellos, Violas, Bassoon, Xylophone, Glock, Oboe, Percussion 132 BPM (Allegro - Pretty Fast) ISRC: USUAN1200102 © 2012 Kevin MacLeod Intimate sneaking around sort of music. Many breaks and hits allow for re-editing to suit the scene. Humorous, Suspenseful Questions Why does my screen say "" after my son leave even though he's only doing homework? Every night during the school year my son tells me he's doing homework on the family computer. Once in a while i come down to review but the screen comes up "" and it's a girl. This is a homework site or something? It tells me to give password each time but i do not know. help please? How do you get spaghetti stains out of underwear? I have gotten spaghetti stains in my underwear. Do you think a career in male prostituation would be good for me? Is it a good career choice? what is the meaning of procrastination? My 17 year old son doesn't know how to tie his shoes. Is there something wrong with him? or tell time on a clock. he's not a retard or anything, but he's a bit slow, and he doesn't know how to tell time on a clock or tie his own shoes. I have to do it for him every morning. is that weird? should I be concerned? How many calories are in a Booger ? l mean it can't be zero right ? As long as it has energy, doesn't it ? And please don't give me that whole '' if its part of your it has no calories'' and lm pretty sure that if l ate a human body, it would have calories and that would be part of a person. How can I loose 50 pounds in one month? I can't go to the gym bc my mom is a heavy worker I can't drive pls help Is it true that blacks have an extra bone in their ankle? my basketball coach told us today that the reason black people are faster is because they are born with an extra bone in their ankle. Ive never heard of that before what is the bone called and where is it? Should I tell my parents that I am adopted? I don't fit in the family I think it's time to come clean Can you catch aids from sex with a chicken? a mate told me he'd dun it, an he is well scared, wot do i tell 'im? What is the right way to pick your boogers? yea im not sure on the whole picknpull or pickineat. could i have the right tecknique on picking. What do prostitutes wear during winter? Like seriously, how are they supposed to dress all prostitutey if it's 0 degrees outside? They'd freeze. And obviously you wouldnt be able to tell theyre hookers if theyre all covered up. Why do girls look more for personality when us guys look for shape and boobs?

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