Game of Thrones Rap by Andrée Vermeulen

  • Posted: 6/19/2014
    • Length: 02:02
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

A new rap for those boring opening credits. I mean they are amazing, but seriously. Written and Performed by Andrée Vermeulen Shot/Directed/Edited by Mo Welch Lyrics: Tell me where you are little Rickon Stark/ are you all alone are you in the dark/ cause you're not with Bran and you're not with fam/ was splitting up the best plan/ way out of the woods way out of the way/ Arya Stark lives another day/ lives another fight lives another jab/ and she'll kill a man with her needle stab/ with her needle poke with her needle point/ and sweet Sansa Stark she could use a joint/ cause she got a man who is shorter than/ she could use a 6ft stance/ Tyrion is tough/ and he likes to bluff/ and I must admit/ all the ladies love/ all the ladies swoon/ all the ladies flock/ could it be his giant cock/ Um, little Joffrey dear/ I'd stab you in the ear/ cause I hate your face/ pardon me your grace/ I'm so glad you died / and to the heavens you'll fly/ whoops I guess I meant hell but I cannot be tell'd/ whoops I guess I meant told/ what to do where to go/ how to be how to feel/ Castle Black turn that wheel/ climb that wall/ Jon Snow has it all cause he's/ Just my little bastard babe/ I'd kiss him in the face/ Id/ kiss him on the lips/ maybe let him dip his tip/ maybe let him get inside/ take his fur for a ride/ yes I'm talking bout coat/ it's so fly it's so dope/ everyone attack/ running up the back/ everybody stab/ everything is black

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