Get Smart people

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 00:56
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This film was made to make you folks aware of what is going on in your own community. We only have the truth to tell you and we are going to tell it! People here in Nova Scotia are fighting bad people that are hurting us and many of our fellow Nova Scotians. We are just a group of common people fighting for simple and basic Justice! The people that up hold the Public Trust have destroyed our lives and they must be held accountable for the good of our people in order for us to grow as a good healthy people! The people in Nova Scotia have been a sleep for a very longtime! We are showing the people of Nova Scotia the facts we have, and we would like to know why this was aloud to go on in this day age. It is totally insane for this to happen! It is down right outrage to people living here. We were attack by the very people we were to taught to Trust.Nova Scotia Judge Anne Crawford retired September 18 2009 why did she leave? Yet the Scotiabank branch in Liverpool would not refund the money even though it was confirmed it was transferred and never cashed! One thing both Lawyer Star and Lawyer Burke have in common is that retainers confirmed by the banks have never been seen by either man! Yet the money lies there in limbo to this day and Anderson and Fraser cannot get it back! Anderson and Fraser learned later, from a list of names of Jehovah’s Witnesses members, that Mr. Burke is a practising member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. This would explain Mr. Burke’s bizarre behaviour..

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