Happy News: Couple Renews Vows 100 Times!

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
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A Couple Scores The Guinness World’s Record For Renewing Their Vows One Hundred Times. I’m Cory Tyler with your Happy News. Lauren and David Blair may spark a new phrase, Newly Vowed, because since their marriage in 1982 the two have renewed their vows to the tune of 100 times. Our wellness wizard fo sho is standing by live with more… Fosho: Cory only two things amaze yours truly. One, the smile of a newborn baby and two how they were able to fit all 11 members of the Backstreet Boys New Kids on the Block on one album cover…and now I induct the third most miraculous thing…Lauren and David Blair, do you realize the true impact of this story, doggy…. Cory: It is quite a feat…. F: I mean when the acting legends Mickey Rooney, and the late great Elizabeth Taylor were neck and neck at 8 marriages each…I thought I had heard everything…but one hundred? Off that chain, off that hook, off those ropes, what, what…. Cory: What are you talking about? Fosho: This dynamic duo, they got married one hundred times, yes? Cory: No, fosho….not married 100 times but having made the most marriage vow renewals after saying I do… Fosho: You are mistaken, beta and if I did not know any better you are bordering on the outskirts of player hating avenue….be happy for them and don’t trip…. Cory: What, I’m not hating, that’s what the article says…. Fosho: My good man, Fosho did not fall out the turnip truck yesterday, and if I did I would rise to my feet and play it off like I meant to do that ish…the world is on the verge of a marriage re up thanks to this story. When people hear that these two loved each other so much, people will rewrite that famous hip hop hit to I got 99 problems but getting hitched ain’t one, pow, the world will see marriages skyrocket thru the roof…t but no that won’t happen now all because…mr. happy news can’t conceive of such bliss…. Cory: Fosho, I’m married, happily so… Fosho: I wonder what you’re wife would say about that yo… Cory: Hey if someone wants to get married and divorced over and over and in the process score a guiness world record for it, be my guest, by that’s not what the story says…the Tennessee natives really love one another and adore recommitting their vow to stay together by traveling the world and renewing their promise, as it is, one hundred times… Fosho: So they are merely saying “I Do” to each other over and over again….not getting divorced and married like its going out of style. Cory: Exactly but still…kind of sweet Fosho: Sweet as in stupid. Cory: What? Fosho: It’s like my going to Disneyland and having a ball and so the next day I call up my homies and say, hey nephew guess what? I went to Disneyland…and 4 months later while sitting in my barber’s chair about to get my fade on I drop another…you know I rocked that Disneyland ish out 4 months ago…who cares Cory: Wait, just a second ago you were getting on me for not believing a couple could tie the knot 100 times Fosho: You mean tie the nut…these two should be ashamed of themselves…they’re rubbing it in…oh I love you, I do, oh let’s go to Indonesia and say it again, let’s go to Austria and say it again, everybody see us…get a room Cory: You done? Fosho: No, I’m recording my ranting. I’ve got 99 more to go and then I will email those love birds this mp3. See how they like it. Karma is a witch, what Cory: Thanks Fosho. And Now Our Sage Of The Day. Fosho: A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short. André Maurois And a bad marriage is like a short conversation you wish were even shorter. Fo Sho What do you think, is this marriage vow milestone much to do about nothing or an example of the great lengths a couple will go to proclaim their love. Let a brother know, leave a comment below and if you love happy news, subscribe to the show. I’m Cory Tyler for This Just Zen because happy ( FoSho: Send…) Happens.

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