Happy News: The Fastest 100-Year Old Gets Bold!

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
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Please “Funny” Our Episode If You Like Happy News With A Side of “HA!” http://www.twitter.com/thisjustzen http://www.facebook.com/thisjustzen At 100-Years Old, Fauja Singh may be the fastest person his age, having broken 8 world records, but find out what his real motivation for this marathon man truly is. Transcript: This Just Zen Meet the fastest 100 year old in the world!! I’m Cory Tyler with your Happy News. His name is Fauja Singh and He just set 8 world records becoming the fastest sprinter at 100 years young! Our reporter Fosho is standing by in Toronto, Canada with more… Fosho: Cory I have good news and bad news. Cory: Ok… Fosho: Good news is Mr. Singh is the oldest person to ever run in a marathon…. Cory: Bad news? Fosho: He is the oldest person to ever finish a marathon… Cory: Isn’t that the point? FoSho: The marathon was an excuse. In truth, old dirt dog was trying to make a break for the American border! Cory: What? FoSho: Years ago there was a huge migration of East Indians to the west. Unfortunately my brown brothers and sisters landed in Detroit of all places….with one glance at their bleak surroundings my peeps headed for the hills…those hills being Canada. Singh vowed that when he turned 100 he would make a break for it and get to the US of A. Cory: Wait. So you’re suggesting that at 100 years this dude takes up running just so he can leave Canada? FoSho: Yes! Cory: Why? FoSho: Buddy have you not heard all the jokes about Canadians? I mean eddie murphy was going to shoot the sequel to Coming to America called Coming to Canada but then he thought hey nobody is gonna believe that ish… Cory: I’ll have you know Canada is a beautiful place. Just this year, Vancouver was voted the best place to live in the world! FoSho: Please, Nobody says hey I’m going to Africa when they travel to Egypt…same thing here…Vancouver might as well have it’s own national anthem. I know it’s F’d up but true! Cory: Ok so you’ve just bad mouthed the continent of Africa, the country of Canada the people living there not to mention Detroit where my family is from…Did you ever even talk to Mr. Singh to confirm this… FoSho: (Incorrect Answer – Buzzer Sound) There are over 1845 languages in India alone home skillet…where do you get off stereotyping us? Cory: And now our sage of the day…. “No wise man ever wished to be younger.”
- Jonathan Swift Just with a younger woman….FoSho! What do you think? Let a brother know, leave a comment below and if you love happy news, subscribe to the show. I’m Cory Tyler for This Just Zen because Happy… (FoSho: Hey, where can I get Slurpee around here I am parched) Happens.

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