Heaven is the Hot Spot (Comedy Rap Music Video)

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 04:00
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www.RichardSarvate.com Lyrics All you fallen bishops trying get up on my pulpit! Ya'll mother marys better recognize! 2010 AD. Guess who's in the house of God! When I walk into the church all the bishops go crazy Give it up for my grace, cuz it is amazing All the ladies in the room you be calling me 'mister' And you all look the same, ya'll must be sisters You know you're like a pearl from the finest oyster I'll pick you up at 7 at your cloister hope your parents don't know, that you're getting massages I heard about your father, he always watches The time is just right so I make my advance I put on some music, gregorian chants Maybe one day we'll be walking down the aisle but for now I'll get to know you biblical style heaven is the hot spot where I plan to be and I'm cool with the carpenter, so I get in for free All the heathens will be blazing burning down inside the basement I'll be chilling with the father drinking gin and holy water, oh yeah Alright, I got a special surprise for all you saved church going people out there. Give it up for Pastor Mike! Yo where you at Pastor? Where you at son of Christ? Where you at prodigal son? Where you at? Dude where you at? Man, where is he? That's typical. Pastor Mike's not around, that's pretty unthoughtful But I got some more verses, so I'll preach some more gospel You can't trust a man with brown skin like dirt A bump on the nose, thats a terrorist alert I drink the blood of christ with a lemon slice and wafers with some cheese they taste alright Pour it out for Jesus, my homie the messiah Pour it out for Jacob, and one for Jeremiah Pellegrino water is the best for being baptized put em under water, like a boat getting capsized People get inspired when they see that I'm devout but I baptize so often that it's causing a drought Heaven is the hot spot where I plan to be (John 69) and I'm cool with the carpenter, no cover charge for me All the heathens will be blazing, burning down inside the basement Wait wait hold on. Wait wait one second. What happened to my autotune? Dude I need that! Come on man put it back on! Fuck. I'll have a cocktail with a cherry and a bloody virgin mary, amen I take the lord's supper it comes from the heavens butter and bread, only if its leavened and I gotta have seconds cuz I'm crazy for meat That's why noah's ark is the perfect place to eat! I'm in possession of mad amounts of green I got more stacks than a nativity scene If you dig that evolution then you must be impaired We all prefer a cross to a Punnet square (What is that?) People have been waiting for two thousand years for "Jesus Returns", the sequel premiere So you better read the book so you know what he's been through Cuz you know he's coming soon to cathedrals near you Yeah! Roman Catholic, where you at? Dirty Southern Baptist, Lemme hear you! Eastern Orthodox, Protestant! I see some Mormons by the Coke machine! We're not that different people Put your bibles in the air! King James in the house tonight! Damn there's some holy motherfuckers (sacreligious) up in this bitch Alright we done yet? Let's get out here

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