How Strict Parents Discipline Their Children

  • Posted: 5/2/2014
    • Length: 03:08
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Connect with IdeasfromHYK Facebook Twitter Google+ Punishments and Disciplinary Actions: Takes off his belt from his waist and aligns it and smacks it to scare the son. Holds the son by his ear and pulls it and drags him to the room and throws him to the corner. Lines his son in the middle of room and goes into a martial arts (karate, teakwondo, kung fu) stance and prepares to attack him. Put a coin (penny) on top of the wall and brings it down slowly and places the sons nose on the penny and places sharp needle pins under his feet and tells him to slide the penny up and down three times with his nose. Tells his son to place his back on the wall and hold still in a sitting position as if a invisible chair was there with his arms out. The son is flipped upside down with his head touching floor in a headstand dance stance while his father ask him to lift his each hand up counting up to ten while his son tries to catch a break by breathing out heavily until his son gives up and falls on the floor feet first. The father gives him a speech telling him to think very hard about sexual intercourse and what he has done in the past while pointing his finger to his head. After the evening is over, the father rushes into the room with a silver pot full of water and open the door with force. While the son is sleeping, the father opens the closet door and throws a pot of water on toward his face and catches him by surprise and gets his son red St Johns University Red Storm and blue/black Nike shorts soaking wet. After waking him up, the father bring his son outside and places his brown shoes on the back of his son while his son is doing push up exercises pushing himself up and down While his son goes up and down, his father counts to five in a slow pace and taunts his son.

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