I Hope I Don't Get Sick

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
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April 10, 2010 — Tea Partiers in Nashville, Tennessee were treated to the worldwide debut of Victoria Jackson's upcoming single "I HOPE I DON'T GET SICK". This song was apparently inspired by Barack Obama and all the boneheads who voted for him. She was also at the Tea Party in Clinton Township, MI on April 11, 2010. I was there too, and got to meet her. She's sooo nice! This was THE BEST Tea Party I've been to. Michigan Tea Parties are THE BEST! I missed being in Nashville by just ONE day, darnit! I wish I could've been there to see Victoria just once! She's awesome! ♥~♥~♥ http://www.VictoriaJackson.com See Victoria on CBN - she's a born-again Christain! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p7j79fSej4 Swine Flu Cold Allergy Hospital Emergency 911 Ambulance Humor Satire Funny Spoof Joke Tea Party Express Nation Obamaland Welcome to Americas Future James Delingpole UK United Kingdom Europe European Nation Intrusion Politico Mark Levin Cap and Trade Private Health Care Crime Soft Kill Weapons Population Control Inject Injection Pharmacy Pharmaceuticals Medicine False Flag Virus Attack Mass Murder Graves Feds Hog Wild Propaganda Elite Mad Science Scientists Marxist Marxism-Leninism Lenin Imperialism STORM manifesto Fox News Channel Glenn Beck Third World Revolutionaries Mao Tse-tung Amilcar Cabral Hitler 911 Arab 1992 Rodney King Riots Aaron Klein national civilian security force America Hollywood Adolf Hitler Nazi Germany United States USA AntiChrist 666 Holocaust Catastrophe Banks Collapse Mortgage Economy Iraq Terrorism Muslim Love Fest Utopia NeoCon Neo Con Neo-Con Fascist Illuminati Alex Jones InfoWars Birth Certificate Dr Polarik Inauguration Oval Office Green Brigades Infowars.com Prisonplanet.tv JonesReport.com Martiallaw911.info Gerard Celente Energy Power NWO New World Order Corridor Actor Walker Texas Ranger Action Film TV Movie Dallas America Patriotism Patriot USA America Responsiblity Morality Founding Fathers Greed Power Corruption Youth Culture Wars Crises Mortgage Foreclosure Wall Street Democracy Washington Ron Paul Depression Recession Borders Border Patrol Citizenship Barack Obama Barackula Baracula Politicians Politics Policies Legislator Congress Senate Ethics Socialist Socialism AntiChrist Dissidents Sarah Palin 2012 Jerome Corsi Gerald Celente Coulter Riots Protest Protestors Brainwashing Green Environmentalist Informant ReEducate Children Tattle Snitch Spy Spies HR 1388 Atlah Worldwide James Manning Militant Guns Ammunition Checkpoints Mark of the Beast G20 Summit Russia Russians USSR Soviet Union Gorbachev Nobel Peace Prize Winner Rush Limbaugh Bob Dutko CAIR ACORN Tea Party Express Faith and Freedom Coalition Ralph Reed Tony Perkins Jay Sekulow Mark Levin Michael Savage Michael Savage Phil Valentine Bailout AIG GMC Chrysler Ford Automotive Industry Healthcare Reform Czars Thugs Chicago Politics Criminals Usurper Civil War Revolution President Thomas Jefferson Andrew Jackson Patrick Henry Iron Curtain Gitmo Guantanamo Bay Mahmoud Abbas Al Arabiya Executive Order Queen Elizabeth England King Abdula Saudi Arabia Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri Sharia Law King Abdullah Saudi Arabia KGB Military Coup Copenhagen Global Warming Ice Caps Glacier Age Environment Environmental Earth Co2 Carbon Monoxide EPA Climate Change Science Arctic AntarcticaTemperature Seas Endangered Animals Geophysicist Greenpeace Greenhouse Nuclear Energy Activist SmartCar TheSkepticAntidote BlazingSky2006 VenonFangX Emissions Car Smog Pollution ChemTrail Nobel Peace Prize Al Gore Dioxide Catastrophe Researchers Truth Fiction Campaign Katrina Rita Hurricane Gulf Coast Myanmar Cyclone Media Press Hysteria Polar Bears Ethanol Fuel Survellance Cameras Big Brother Snoops Snooping Police State Shawn Sean Hannity Assets Relief Program TARP Socialized Healthcare Bailout Tax Taxpayer Special Interest Spending Programs H.R.1 HR1 ACORN Economy Illegal Aliens Amnesty Money Pelosi Pork Barrel Earmarks Stimulus Package Socialism Socialist Depression Recession Inflation National Security Force Fairness Doctrine Long-Legged Mack-daddy Muslim Freak Barack Hussein Obama Biden Car Bumper Sticker Decal Joker Political Joke Prank Humor Funny Acronym Only Bonehead and Morons Approve Socialism White House Nazi America USA Black President MLK JFK Vote Elections Bailouts Trillion Dollar Deficit Birth Certificate Constitution Eligibility Kenya Place One Big Mistake Evil Porch Monkey Columbia University Treason Trial James Manning Stanley Ann Dunham Healthcare Immigration Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Thugs Crime Messiah Hope Change

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