I just wanna be Jon Snow's GIRLFRIEND...my Game of Thrones tribute...(spoiler alert: there's a dragon)

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 06:03
    • Plays: ???
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Ummm...I'm just a girl, who wrote a song, about a show that I love. That's all. It's for the fans. Don't take it too seriously, folks! Also, there may or may not be a wooden horsie involved.... Lyrics: Monday morning is such a jerk— But, it's not because I have to go back to work... It's because I have to wait a whole damn week— To see that imp and his scarred up cheek It seems like not even a minute goes by, Before I'm thinking about punching Joffrey in the eye And, his mother—well, she's not the best, Her and Jaime gettin' down with the incest The writing's witty and the acting's good, And, Tyrion Lannister—yeah, I would.... So, I turn off my phone when Sunday rolls through— Don't try to talk, I'll be ignoring you... Leave me alone I'm watching my Game of Thrones It's my favorite show (I love that bastard Jon Snow) Don't you bother me, when Khaleesi is on TV— 'Cause dragons are fucking rad Dragons are fucking rad Just you shut your mouth— When there's Game of Thrones in my house... Game of Thrones We're all thinking the same about that creepy witch— What the hell is wrong with that bitch?! And, Robb Stark's got a new wife that he's flauntin' Why do I think that'll come back to haunt him? And, Joffrey's got a brand new suitor— But, we all know what happened to her on The Tudors... Lord Baelish—he's a little punk And, that eunuch ain't got no JUNK... Sansa, oh she's insecure— She's got that whore looking after her And, her sister is a bad ass on the sword— She could rival any lord The writing's witty and the acting's good. And, yeah—Jaime's a tool, but I TOTALLY would... So, I turn off my phone when Sunday rolls through— Don't try to talk, I'll be ignoring you... Oh, Ned—they cut off your head You were one of the good ones... Now, it's up to your sons And, they're all real big talkers— But, there's something bigger... It's called "The White Walkers"! Leave me alone... I hear something hummin'....I think winter is comin'

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