It Could Be Worse...David Hassellhoff

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 03:56
    • Plays: ???
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David Hasselhoff, the former Baywatch, Knight Rider star showed up at the MTV European Music Awards acting a little strange. Hey, the can’t a guy fall off the wagon once....or twice. What’s more disturbing, a, that his guy still has a career, b, that sequence jacket And I always wonder, how many drinks does it take to get this guy loaded. 4/15 and what’s he drinking beer. wine, jack, sangrias. Hoff, it could be worse, you could be this demented loser from Orlando who went back to his engineering office that he was fired from 2 years prior, killing one person and injuring five. Jason Rodriguez, recently filed for bankruptcy, as he owed nearly 90,000 and was making less than 30,000 a year at a Subway. Hey Jason, join the club. Two years ago, I was on the radio in Philadelphia talking to thousands of people everyday, and now I’m sitting on my toilet doing this show for about 7 people a week. 30,000 beat me last year, you selfish prick. I went from hanging out with celebrities, to serving beers in a movie theater. Enjoy your next job, folding laundry and cleaning highways... It could be worse, you could be this scared paparazzi, who thought he was getting great footage of Tony Soprano, until Tony starts charging...and I love it how these paparazzi instantly start acting like a victim, hey Tony chill out, hey tony relax...Whack! Congrats to the New York Yankees, for officially being the least likable team in America. And check out Elizabeth Lambert, a junior soccer player at the university of New Mexico going WWE on BYU...I want to bring you home to mom

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