Jim Needs a Laundry Delivery Service

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 06:30
    • Plays: ???
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Sirs: My Name is Mitch Wexla and I'd like to share something.Today I received email from my friend Griffin Grunnings. G.G. lives in the vicinity of the Rose Bowl,and apparently has done very well for himself because his parents are cheap and he can afford to have his laundry done and delivered to him.(G.G. and I were close until 8th grade summer when his parents sent him on extended A.F.S program to Turkey. He says it's because he stole his grandfather's Breitling and pawned it to buy a large Pogs collection. But I know better than to believe him. Because I know how cheap his parents are and how hard they worked that Bosnian girl they hosted.)I haven't seen G.G. in person for quite a while, though with the 10+ forwards he fires off a day, he keeps himself very much in the mix. Lately, with what he claims has been a slow recovery from lead poisoning after he mistook a wax paper bag full of magnetic shavings for ice cream jimmies because he'd rubbed out his right contact, his output of mass emails has hit a new peak. G.G.'s forwards aren't always funny- he sends your fair share of midget-in-a-leg lock, "ten reasons to bring binoculars to the beach" sideshow montage, and the latest animal blooper viral vids. G.G. is ,though, very good about giving is head's up in a subject line when he's passing on anything that's come from the clammy keyboard of his Austrian programmer-cum-gym rat cousin Heindrick. (You'd think Herr Heiny would have more pressing endeavors over at the Vienna Bureau of Information than to penning a four page PDF pictorial on pirate's eye technique with accompanying video mash-ups to speak to his point.)Anyways. Earlier I got a forward from G.G. with the words "iFluffnFold" in the subject line. Obvious first thought was that Heiny had discovered the homepage of a porn actress who came from a gymnastics background. Had G.G. not added "Clean and Hilarious" next to it, it would have been trashed and I would have started my morning. As it turned out, iFluffnFold is the name of G.G.'s laundry delivery service,and they've apparently commissioned a commercial of sorts. Yawn you may. I did.But then it started and somehow I kept watching and as G.G. promised, I laughed. So, kudos to whoever this guy Jim is for making a laundry commercial worth writing home about.And feel better G.G. Your parents may think I'm a liar, but at least I've followed through on my promise here. Submitted by: Mitch Wexla, Pompano, Florida mitch.wexla@gmail.com

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