Johnny Test

101 Johnnies / Johnny Zombie Tea Party

  • Released: 2006
    • Length: 22:03
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Dad is fed up with Johnny not taking any responsibility and not doing his chores. So he tells him to mow the lawn nicely and have it done by the time he gets home from his errands - in one hour! And before he leaves he tells Susan and Mary, who are cleaning the garage, to have it finished by the time he gets home and no duplication experiments! As soon as Dad leaves, Johnny figures out that Susan and Mary cleaning the garage are really robots and the real girls are spying on Gil. He insists they make a Johnny Robot who can mow the lawn now or he's going to tell Dad. They do but Johnny and Dukey realize that they even with a robot, there isn't enough time to finish the lawn before Dad gets home. So Johnny duplicates the Johnny Robot and forgets to turn the switch off. Before they know it, there are 100 Johnny Robots and they're not following commands - that's what happens when you make a copy of a copy. Now they have to catch all 100 robots and have the lawn finished before Dad gets home. / Johnny's school assignment is to write a 500 word report on the Founding fathers of Porkbelly. So Johnny takes his sisters' Replenish Ray (which is supposed to bring dead crops back to life) and goes to the Porkbelly cemetary. He figures that instead of reading books about them, it's better to ask the founding fathers what happened. The ray works - sort of - they come back as zombies and tell Johnny they'll answer his questions if he gives them some tea. He takes them home to serve tea but they're completely preoccupied with our modern day conveniences. Things get out of control when the zombies decide to explore modern Porkbelly and the townspeople go crazy. They think the zombies want to eat their flesh, but all they really want is some comfortable shoes and pens without feathers. The army is called in to catch the zombies but Johnny knows the only ones they'll listen to is their moms. So he and Dukey go back to the cemetary and bring back the Founding Father's mothers. Uh oh.

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