Johnny Test

Saturday Night's Alright for Johnny / Johnny Mint Chip

  • Released: 2006
    • Length: 22:04
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Johnny and Dukey have the perfect Saturday planned - TV, food that's bad for you, then a videogame marathon and finally the Ultimate Wrestlers Versus Battle Robots Smackdown 5 on TV. Isn't life grand! Until Missy, with dog Sissy in tow, show up to ruin their day. Everything goes wrong and before they know it, Saturday is over. Johnny doesn't want to wait 7 days for another Saturday, so he borrows Susan and Mary's Saturday Repeater Machine. They keep starting the day over and over until they wind up having a great, one might even say romantic, day - with Sissy and Missy. They're planning to do it again until Dad tells Johnny that now that he and Sissy are an item, he'll have to spend every waking moment with her. He and Dukey smash the Saturday Repeater Machine to bits. / Johnny and Dukey are freaking out because they're out of Mega Mint Chip Ice Cream and Mom and Dad won't buy anymore. They decide to make their own but it doesn't turn out so well. They go to Susan and Mary for help but their ice cream is just as disgusting. So they plan to go on a tour of the Icy Ice Cream Company, where Susan and Mary are going to sneak into the ice cream lab and Johnny and Dukey can get lots of free samples. While the girls break into the lab and test their healthy recipes on the monkey testers (who also think their recipes are disgusting), Johnny and Dukey sneak onto the factory floor to eat ice cream. Dukey falls into one of the vats, so the kids have to eat all of the ice cream before he is frozen forever. Talk about a brain freeze!

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