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Fairly OddParents: Just Desserts / You Doo

  • Aired: 2/16/2005
    • Length: 24:05
    • Plays: ???
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Broccoli for dinner!  Vegetables at lunch!  All this healthy food is driving Timmy crazy.  Why can't he just help himself to a tasty gooey dessert anytime he wants?  Well, after wishing that all the food in the world was desserts, Timmy gets just that.  Now every meal is full of candy, cakes and any sweet treat you could think of.  At first all the sweet stuff sends everyone into one fantastic sugar rush.  But of course a crash is inevitable, and without healthy foods to pick them up, no one has any energy.  Soon all the people in the world (and the fairies too) are so fat that the earth is sent off its orbit and heads directly into the sun!  Timmy tries to undo his wish, but Cosmo and Wanda are now so out of shape that they can't lift their wands.  They need energy and fast.  Timmy must find the one person on the planet that still has a vegetable - Mark Chang.  Because vegetables are like dessert to Yugopotamians, Timmy's alien classmate has a spare can of delicious broccoli in his spaceship.  With one helping of the nutritious dish, Cosmo and Wanda get just enough energy to raise their wands and send everything back to the way it should be - well balanced. There is a magic doll that only fairies can make which can give you the power to make other people do whatever you tell them.  This is appropriately named the You Doo doll - and Timmy has just wished up a bunch of them, one for every person he knows.  Throughout the day Timmy uses the dolls to control his friends and classmates.  But there was one doll he didn't account for:  His Own.  When the missing Timmy doll ends up in the jaws of Doidle and then the hands of Tootie, the real Timmy Turner is subjected to a variety of abuses and indignities.

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