Kinesthetic Polling Station

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 02:00
    • Plays: ???
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Title: Kinesthetic Polling Station. Location: Providence, RI. Duration: 3 hours. Description: At a booth, set up in front of Burnside park, two performers will stand silently. A sign will be placed before the booth giving passersby instructions as to how to choose their candidate. Both of the performers will be dressed as follows: Jeans Blue blazer (with gold buttons) White button down shirt Penny loafers The only difference in appearance will be the faces: The performer on the left will be wearing an Obama mask, while the one on the right will be wearing McCain. Voters will be instructed both by written instructions and by verbal coaching (yet another performer) to select which candidate they would like to vote for. The selection method MUST involve touch. Voters can high-five, hug, poke, shake hands with, etc. their chosen candidate. The candidates will not speak, and must rely entirely on their approachability. Whichever candidate is touched the most wins the poll. This is what's known as TACTILE DEMOCRACY. FINAL SCORE: Obama was touched 111 times McCain was touched 14 times

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