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  • Posted: 3/25/2014
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get rich go green David Le Bond http://youtu.be/yNQkm5HGw2E or facebook.com/Lebond Xmpg Bio: i never have ever been on a date its always been i gave a look then i moved my finger rest was history i couple of times i swear i was being raped born van nuys california david le bond i should know they made a movie about me me and my friends started pop culture language like whatever knarly awesome etc the x-games look it up im spicolli from the movie fast times at ridgemont high filmed at my high school where the writer went undercover canoga park high ..the vally the 70s life will never get that good used to sell spock lizards at his pet store he had 3 pirahna fish tanks in the back the late richard crenna colonel of the rambo movies was my 8th grade football coach me and the late dennis wilson of the beach boys had the same 13 yr old girlfriend back when men were men and women were damsels or winches now men are women and women are men never been on a date ever it was always a wink a sigh a glance and we were in the sack romance on a cliff on a couch over looking malibu in the snow on a train on a cliff in the pugent sound under water as my bio begins david le bond Edit) .......... grew up around many hollywood types met many saw bob crane from hogans heroes fall out of a cab drunk a month before he was killed hitchhiked everywhere especcially the beach .... HAd 1 of the first set of cadillac wheels for skateboards invented the mountain bike in 72 only person and will be the only person to ride up a 30 ft wave from shore with a skimboard on a shorebreaker wave my football coach was the commader in rambo started playing piano at 7 got to play in front of a crowd of 5000 when i was 15 playing david bowie favorite love locals..on a couch on a cliff looking over malibu beach,,,underwater..on the sand..on a train..on the snow..on a trail looking over a bay in seattle ..on 2nd base on a baseball field :]:]:]:]:]:]:] favorite color blue favorite number 7 went to alot of concerts here my little list :] :] :] led zepplin with john bonham page had this 4 ft bar on a tripod he would grab sound from the bar with his hands then then point his hands in your dirrection and i swear you would feel sound smack you right across your face i swear , the who with kieth moon, pink floyd.......... played the album dark side of the moon ..rod stewert with ron wood,elton john at dodger stadium ,joe walsh, eagles jeff beck..aerosmith,,van halen 4 times 1 time in the backyard of a party before they were van halen, def leopard,U2 1st tour got invited to U2 after party but my back hurt, BTO, joan jett, queit riot, pat traveras.,the outlaws reo speedwagon police , acdc,men at work, straycats, blue oyster cult,cheap trick,kiss masked last tour and unmasked,rick derringer, bob segar motley crue, ziggy marley,alice in chains and sat front row right behind the bench of the dream team usa basketball team saw a test flight of the top secret airplane called the aurora in the columbia gorge it has no engine it was going at least mach 5 when i 1st saw it then it disappeared was the only witness to a out of control police chase i was going 30 over a bridge when in the left lane cam a white mercedes with black tinted widows goin at least 120 then 2 cop cars chasing at a 120 i slowed down and watch it was like out of a movie at the end of the bridge the mercedes hit a truck head on at the light the mercedes went flying at least 5 stories high and landed a distance of a whole block when i got to the end of the bridge there were over 15 squad cars with yellow tape already up in 1 minute i somehow drove right thru everything and went home the next day no news reports no hospital entrys HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ,the mountain you see at the begginning of the tv series MASH when the helicopter is flying i saved someones life on that mountain he slipped and i grabbed his packpack before he fell of a cliff , swam the snake river ,,chased a tornado, jumped off a 20 story mountain into a river...went off a cliff in a monte carlo going 90 if we would of went 1 ft to the left we would of gone thru a house instead we climbed up a tree with 1 wheel on the ground been in every state in the union,canada south america ,iceland france ,germany,holland,ireland .check .body surfing i use to wait for this 1 tidal wave 50 or 60 footer it comes in like at end of a 5 or 7 sets of waves miracle wave ..well i would go up to the wave and let it suck me up to the very top so i would be like floating 70 ft in the air like superman with with 7 trillion lbs of water on my back and when wave is getting ready to tube and grab me and crush me i would smack my head against the lip[top] and that second i would hear the whole sound of the tube of half mile long wave and i would see so many colors and id pull out of the wave and the wave would break in front of me thats the 1st time i saw god its love got 100s of other stories another time now i just write music ,,promote my fountain of youth diet..my dad was a assistant to howard hughes. 1st early computer programmer desighned our defence system norad and star wars ,worked in a top secret satilite station during vietnam war in thailand .. got a call in 1968 during the cuban missle crisis a car was going to come by and bring us to a underground bunker in the rocky mountains his last assignment saudia arabia in 1978 but used to walk around with peices of the space shuttle back in 1973 did a tour of the hughes building in 73 and there was a lazer weapon on the roof said he 1nce walked in a room in the pentagon with about 50 people there he new all of them but he didnt he told me one time he tried to pick up on al capones girlfriend once on a plane my great uncle is the 1 who was in charge of the ground crew that flew howard hughes around the world my my step dads dad wrote the song to bugsbunny .......... so bugs and daffy helped me with my house my other favorite is the pink panther ... i scared my older sister real good 1 night .. the guy down the street built and desighned the masks for the movie planet of the apes so my friends put them on and knocked on her window and she came sceaming down the hall americanbond ...kmarwolfhalen is in the name directory of every new release video game after 11/7/08 PEACE=LOVE got lebron on 1 of his all time wishs .sat 2 ft from dream team bench right behind M J you heatle {paul] from the 5th heatle epstien {david le Bond] the tour begins 2011 ends 2017 7 rings with wade [john] no3 god ,jesus love the 3rd heatle bosch[primal scream] like when i was ten i did the same scream when attacked by a pack of wild dogs picked up a 300lb log screamed and sent the alpha dog a flyin puff the pack disapeared

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