Let's Visit London! (Spoof travel guide)

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 04:16
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Visiting London for the Olympics and want to know where to see but only have 4'16" to watch a guide? Then this video is perfect for you! Heck 4'16"! That's about the same time it takes top athletes to run about 24km (c.2 miles). What would you rather do - run like a bugger or sit back in your chair and watch a video? As Adidas like to say: "Just view it". Essential viewing for any visitors to London for the 2012 Olympics. This guide shows many of the sights that London has to offer in just a few hours walk, without needing to race about like Usain Bolt! This is the Elbekistani travel guide to London introduced by Yuri from chart-topping Elbeki boyband "Masterbeat" - and subtitled into English by Judgement Dave. The video is an Elbek Landmark Rush - showing a shedload of London landmarks that can easily be walked in a few hours from Tower Bridge down to the Houses of Parliament. Unusually for the UK it's not raining either... However the Elbek information seems slightly off in some places - near the start it mistakenly calls Tower Bridge "London Bridge" and there was an error or two later on, but it's mainly very informative and a good start for anyone (especially Elbeks) visiting the city.

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