Life Sucker (2009)


  • Posted: 12/10/2013
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Life Sucker -- A story about a Life Sucker, an awkward Los Angeles based office drone that travels to Baja, Mexico to learn how to surf.--- Review by: Roger M. Mayer, Producer 'Very odd, strangely made film. The directing choices are unique in that they go against the emotion of what's taking place on screen. It shares its artistic detachment with Miranda July's ME, YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW (but without ANY professional actors - so it actually rings a little truer). The acting is odd and stilted, unprofessional yet organic (they could have come right from the street - which is a good thing). It feels like a film made by someone who has never made a film before that has somehow discovered its own unique rhythm. A filmmaker establishing his own rules.' 'Thematically the film shares its roots with many classic films, nothing extraordinarily unique in that regard but it's how the film chooses to structure its themes - in the way that director Avina approaches the material. There are millions of films about the modern malaise of an emasculated existence and about people breaking free from that stranglehold, and told a million different ways (THE GRADUATE, OFFICE SPACE, FALLING DOWN, BOX OF MOONLIGHT, FIGHT CLUB, etc.). This film explores its terrain through a very skewed yet self-effacing delivery system. It doesn't pander to the ADD-riddled modern audience's evaporating attention spans. It's smart without being erudite, it's weird without being abstract, it's poetic without being precious. Repeated viewings may be necessary to pick up its subtle transgressions and beautiful fills (like Max Roach instead of John Bonham).' 'The writing feels more like the way people communicate with each other (or don't) than many films. The writing is sparse and the dialogue is reductive (sometimes mono-syllabic) because the content is in the human interactions without words. It's in the pacing, th

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