Love thy Neighbours - Why they destroy us

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
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A WORD TO THE CULT Take notice that as of this moment you are on trial in The Great Court of Public Opinion! Right here, right now, today, on this very website, you are on trial! Everything comes around, you see. You forgot this, didn't you? For years you've grown accustomed to always getting your own way. In fact you have become so used to getting everything you want that you simply cannot imagine losing or being defeated! So now be afraid! Be very afraid! There will be no intimidation of witnesses here! You cannot threaten people in return for lying testimony. You have no one who will toady to you, no one you can bully, no one you can scare into submission, and no one to buy so you can get your way! No one here will lie and cheat for you! And no one here is afraid of you! You cannot speak the truth here, for you would be damned out of your own mouths! Perjury will not help you, for the evidence against you is a mountain of simple truth. When you lie it will be instantly apparent to everybody, and your transparent perjuries and contemptible falsehoods will be seen for what they really are! You cannot subvert this website court to your own selfishness, neither can you cut back-room deals with other dishonest hacks and crooked, self-serving politicians! Your sins have finally caught up with you! Oh, Pshaw! You say! You cant do this to us! Pshaw, indeed! We reply. We absolutely can do this to you and we are doing it right now! Have your smug little brains yet understood that... OVER 15,000,000 PEOPLE (Yes, that's Fifteen MILLION!) ...Have looked at this website since it opened just ten months ago? The Court of Public Opinion has now been told what you are doing, and theirs not a damn thing you can do to hide! By the way, there have been hits on this website from every continent, worldwide, and so 5 million of these hits are from Nova Scotia! Most people are returning again and again, and they are spending hours at a time on the website! Your pompous arrogance and your utter disdain for those you consider your inferior is exceeded only by your hatred for any individual whom you perceive threatens your power or your pocketbook! You should be locked up, but justice in Nova Scotia lacks the backbone to do so. At the very least you all should be disbarred for life! What you are doing to Jeff Fraser and Tony Anderson is nothing short of despicable! You are exposed for what you are! It is time for The Court of Public Opinion to pass judgment on you! Now be afraid! Be very afraid! THE CULT The This organization attacked us, point blank, yet we knew nothing about them or their beliefs. Yet, they attacked our business and our personal lives. They did this through the Banks, the Government Departments, and many of the other places mentioned throughout this website. They are the “Trojan Horse” we refer to in our videos. There are in-directly responsible for breaching The Public Trust granted to them here in Nova Scotia. Why do they dominate the cleaning market in Nova Scotia? Anyone Company who stands against them, or bids against their contracts suffers undue suffering and consequences for that action. We have researched this organization for over a year and have discovered they are not what say they are, nor do they follow their own literature and teaching of their society. The Jehovah Witnesses, here in Nova Scotia, run there own unique “gang”. They rule by intimidation, fear mongering, Government interference, and other tools at their disposal in order to achieve their goals. They are truly a “cult” determined to administer their laws by their teachings and eliminate all others, here in Nova Scotia. By infiltrating our society, they have worked towards destroying the very core of democracy and breached the sacred trust. We will expose this corruption, and get help not only for ourselves, but the good people of Nova Scotia who where used and mis-directed by this renegade cult. A video statement explaining this will follow on the near future. political prisoner is someone held in prison or otherwise detained, perhaps under house arrest, because his or her ideas or image are deemed by a government to either challenge or threaten the authority of the state. In many cases, political prisoners are imprisoned with no legal veneer directly through extra judicial processes. However, it also happens that political prisoners are arrested and tried with a veneer of legality, where false criminal charges, manufactured evidence, and unfair trials are used to disguise the fact that an individual is a political prisoner. This is common in situations, which may otherwise be decried nationally and internationally as a human rights violation and suppression of a political dissident. A political prisoner can also be someone that has been denied bail unfairly, denied parole when it would reasonably have been given to a prisoner charged with a comparable crime, or special powers may be invoked by the judiciary. Particularly in this latter situation, whether an individual is regarded as a political prisoner may depend upon subjective political perspective or interpretation of the evidence. This is a true story of what is happening - right here! - Right now! - In 2009! We are looking for help! Are you outraged and angry? Then tell your Member of Parliament, tell your Member of the Legislative Assembly, tell your neighbours, tell your minister or priest, tell the gang at Tim Horton's - tell everybody, everywhere! And above all, remember your outrage when you cast your ballot at election time! People Stand Up! Provincial Court Judge Ann Crawford sentenced him to nine months incarceration for something he did not do! Bogus charges were trumped up against Jeff, and prior to trial, three Crown witnesses were one intimidated and then perjured themselves on the stand the manger from you guest member of The Cult the Jehovah's Witness! Jeff is now in the dangerously overcrowded Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in the Burnside Industrial Park, about the closest place to hell on earth anyone is likely to see. Sincerely,

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