MC Telepathy-Telepathize

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 02:56
    • Plays: ???
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The illegitimate love child of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Jean "Phoenix" Grey releases his debut smash hit single on his Liquorice Balls label. Sample- The Notorious B.I.G.-Hyponotize Lyrics: Okay here I go, transmission of my flow, Got my chain on, man it's 12 carat gold, Got a vintage Mercedes, the muthafukas old, Still all the bitches run when they see my scrotum's bold, But I'm a smooth-talking gee, as you can see, Telepathic swagger on and this bitch wanna spank me, Word of warning, I ain't gon lie, I got a schlong so long I poke myself in the eye, Hook: X 2 MC, MC, MC Telepathy, got telepathic ability, Don't open his mouth to communicate, Transmits his rhymes in your minds cos hes fukin great I'm dat, boy in da corner, hot like a sauna, Cold day dressed inappropriately, causing controversy, Rap battle a trolley, Loadsa asian children surrounding me, And I swear I saw that guy in a lemon party, Swagger slow-mo with my six figure pay-slips, Bitch all in black looks like a dominatrix, And man I'll be pissed, if she ain't a sadomasochist, Cos I like it hardcore, it's what I pay my money for? Hook: X 2 I'm, going down town controlling minds like Derren Brown And whether you like it or not I'l make you suck my lollipop, "Tell em telepathy" And I'll use my jedi mind tricks as I please, Make you buy me loads of hentai, japanese, I'm raps Charles Xavier, Sept way crazier, Not human, I'm a unique species, I defecate, then I eat my own faeces "WOT BRUV!!!!! It's better than going to Burger King init. Swear down"

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