Major Differences between Men and Women

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 02:56
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Share on Twitter: Connect with IdeasfromHYK Subscribe Facebook Twitter Google+ Major Differences between Men and Women Scenes Men: Wakes up late asking more for time to sleep. Women: Wakes up early in the morning. Men: Rushes into to the bathroom and gets ready in 10 minutes and run out the door. Women: Walks in the bathroom calmly and takes more than 45 minutes. Men: On the phone talking about sports. Women: On the phone gossiping about other people. Men: Watches a sporting event and asks for 5 more minutes . Women: Get ready to go the gym on time. Men: Recommends to hire a babysitter to take care of the children. Women: Makes plan to take care about the children. Men: Forgets to water the plants. Women: Goes on a vacation asking to take care of the plants. Men: Asks to take out the laundry and fold clothes at the same time. Women: Refuses to take go to the laundry and unless she dresses up. Men: Check in the refrigerator and complains that she needs to go to the supermarket and get lettuce, tomato, chicken and rice because the refrigerator is empty. Women: Opens the fridge and notices a ramen cup noodle in the fridge and say he can eat that every day of the week and survive. Men: Burps and farts in the kitchen in front of other people. Women: Mentions that she only burps and fart in private when nobody is around. Men: Check himself in the mirror and reminds himself that he looks good. Women: Checks herself in mirror and mentions her teeth is not fully white and needs bleaching, look at her shoulders and mentions she needs to get a tan and notices a stretch mark and looks at her eyebrows and says they're to thin. Men: Mentions that he already spent a thousand dollars on medical bills and is letting her know that doesn't want to spend another dollars on her. He also warns her that he is going to go broke. Men: Mentions that he didnt worry about his future until I got married. Women: Mentions she was worried about her future until she married a lawyer and mentions she is going to the dermatologist(skin doctor). Royalty Free music courtesy of Decline Genre: Soundtrack Time: 3:27  Instruments: Harp, Pennywhistle, Cello, Violin, Bass  56 BPM (Largo - Very Slow)  ISRC: USUAN1300016 © 2013 Kevin MacLeod Relaxed, Somber  Inner Light Genre: Contemporary Time: 9:36  Instruments: Glock, Dulcimer, Bass, Kit, Voice  105 BPM (Moderato - A Bit Fast)  ISRC: USUAN1300021 © 2013 Kevin MacLeod A chill, reverb-drenched romantic piece in 6/8 Calming, Uplifting, Relaxed  Royalty free sound effects courtesy of smokenweewALT-Fart.wav gmajorrr-burp.wav

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