Me Gusta Los Pantalones Verdes

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 18:03
    • Plays: ???
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Me Gusta Los Pantalones Verdes ("I like Green Pants") is a KADM Classic from the turn of the century. French filmmaking genius Phillipe Bealiu set out to make the first short film of the new millennium. Conceived, on Jan 2nd of 2000, principle photography would commence on 4th in New York and the 6th in Memphis. After round the clock editing, the film was finished by the end of the month. Phillipe had set out to make a film that was ten years a head of time, that would set the tone and trend for the upcoming decade. He held one screening in a abandoned building on Long Island on March 19th. Eleven people saw the film. Eleven lives were changed that night. Despite the out pouring of love, Phillipe saw the film as a failure. He felt Me Gusta was twenty years ahead of its and that audience had been exposed too early to this film. On March 20th 2000 Phillipe went to the corner bodega for a pack of cigarettes and never came back. The only item he took was the master tape of Me Gusta. Ten years later, the tape was found in the New York Library in the American History section. No one knows how it got there. Phillipe where ever you are; we know your drunk.

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