Mythbusters Drinking Game

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 04:56
    • Plays: ???
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This is a game me and friends have been playing for years! Take a drink whenever... 1. Announcer uses a pun --a. Be careful about things that sound like puns but aren't 2. Someone eats it. --a. Falls down --b. Throws up --c. Gets injured 3. The high speed camera is used 4. Grant builds a robot 5. Adam speaks in an accent 6. Buster is used --a. But only if he's officially referred to as "Buster." 7. Ballistics gel or a pig carcass is used 8. Jamie's mustache is mentioned 9. Someone wears a costume a. This also includes when someone is covered in a substance (paint, mud, etc) 10. When there is an explosion a. Finish your drink [NOTE: Pick and choose people... just half of these can get you smashed] Feel free to donate and help us keep bringing the skeptical funny: Written and Directed by John Rael CAST: First host- John Rael Second host- Leeman Parker Third host- Penelope Chan Fourth host- Cathy Velarde Fifth host- Jen Brown 'Rule' presenter- Heidi Cox Parole officer- Spencer Marks Makeup by Penelope Chan Artwork by Jen Brown Soundtrack provided by: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 'Night Walk' written and performed by Peach Stealing Monkeys (used with permission and we're grateful :) ) HUGE thanks to all those who came together 'last minute' to help out with this project. Including my mom Jennifer Tenorio, who ran out to buy me a gas tank, and bought us In & Out after the shoot. PS... YES!!!!! My next episode will feature Adam Savage so stay tuned. Want me to 'hurry up'? Donate!

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