Nankyoku ryôrinin (2009)

The Chef of South Polar

  • Posted: 12/25/2013
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Nankyoku ry rinin -- Based on the hilarious autobiographical essay of a chef on an Antarctic research team. Being away from home can get a little lonely, but good food always cheers you up. Eight men join a research expedition to the Dome Fuji Station in Antarctica an environment so cold that even viruses cannot exist, let alone living creatures. Jun Nishimura s job is to cook for the members every day. He prepares the meals with the greatest care, sometimes with fine delicacies, and takes pleasure in watching everyone sitting down together and enjoying his food. In faraway Japan, Nishimura has a wife, an 8-year-old daughter, and a new-born son. He thinks of his family often and sometimes it makes him feel like crying. The assignment lasts a year and a half. While his thoughts are with his family 14,000 kilometers away, the ultimate mission away from home is still to continue. Antarctic life is unlike anything in Japan. The team members encounter things they had never even imagined. As they struggle to get through each day, they form a tight friendship. Each day brings a different mood; they laugh, get angry, become excited, or sink into sadness. But as long as there is good food, it gives them the strength to go on. Though the film is set in the coldest climate in the world, The Chef of South Polar warms you up from the center of your heart. Good food and human drama, full of laughter and love!

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