News that BLOWS...the musical

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 02:45
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Here is my rap for the week...please...sing along I don't know what she's doing but the face shes making is not so disapproving. my rhymes are fresh this kid don't play conficker worm on April Fools day economic summit in London town riot mad as hell hey there's Gordon Brown don't need to tell you the economy's whack now the cigs you smoke extra dolla a pack (blow it out) on top of the golf world its Tiger Woods gas prices going up tent cities in the hood. ER is leaving, gonna say good night all quiet on the set of Guiding Light. General Motors is now government owned Madonna to adopt and Michelle is so toned. news flash 40, is now the new 20 you can do anything with a whole lotta money. (blow it out) more ladies strippin to get the dough watch out don't eat pistachios. stll in Afganistan and Iraq lets end the madness and bring our peeps back. no crazy news from the octomother can't stand the music from the Jonas Brothers. the week in rap is gonna sign out guess who's coming to dinner, time for you to blow it out. Obama ...blow it out Queen mum...blow it out Valerie...blow it out Lindsay....blow it out crazy kid...blow it out tight pants...blow it out just just...blow it out

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