Oh Canada we stand on Guard for thee - www.peoplestandup.ca

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
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http://www.peoplestandup.ca I have try everything to get the truth out in the public eye. You and I understand the raw truth but the people we are trying to wake up it is frightening of it. I have sit here for last 6 years how was I going to get the truth out. What we have found there is no help for common people and most good folks are unaware of what going on. I do see the big picture we are going to take our website from common people in Canada wanting help to people of in Canada standing up and leading. I decide to education the Canadian people. I can do this with videos and much more. By us owning a website give us many rights on internet that the average person doesn’t have. The name peoplestandup.ca is new only because the internet allowed it to be. We will be calling our website three names People Stand Up. It is very simple but we own the links and we can get a story out in 24 hours now. We have all worked in back building this big network. What we going to do is put all in one place as people movement. We both know the government is bullshit and when folks like you and I and your wife and Jeff and my mother can see right from wrong. And our Canadian leaders are lost they cannot fix this. I am coming from death and have a bright vision it made take a full year to put this website together. I am inviting you to do something for West Coast people and put up our we on website. You can call peoplestandup/BC or you call peoplestandup/KeepEmStraight anything you want you have full control of what you do. You see on YouTube we are trapped. The website is free to move it were ever you want to go. With Google its like someone breeding down ones neck. I am working for the Greater Good of everyone and I have plan and vision. I know it look hopeless at the moment. I see a need for people that have no voice to education those people one at time how to fight back. It is not protesting on street one had to take on it is the internet where all of the people are. Garth on personal note I will not be beaten none one us will. Our home communities is burning around us and we can feel the heat. I know we can create a force to fight back. We all know the world is a train wreck waiting to happen. We have to get out in front of the train and build new track. “Oh We Canada Stand on guard for thee” THIS MEAN SOMETHING TO US! I just believe if we built it they will come. People are looking for hope and we are going to give to them. When we win back our Country then I will go back to my simple life. We were calI to help my felloe countryman. I don’t how Germany people made through Hitler’s . We will be opening the website up for comments and debate. There more I can say but is this work in progress. Jeff and Greg are few guys who already going to help design the site for all the people in Canada. Your friend from Nova Scotia Tony! I love Canada and worth fighting for now that understand what we are fighting!

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